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Welcome To After Hours!

New to my blog.... well not really cause if your coming over from Evoluchun's Miscellaneous then your not so new. I need a new direction with my blog and yet love working with adult companies as well as bringing ya'll just. Although it may take me a few months to get the stats the companies for adult products want on this blog I think this is best for alot of people. Some people have been offended as well as companies on my main blog so this is where you will find all the low down talk about adult toys and other products as well as any sexual talk matter that comes to mind. Feel free to ask questions by email whether with your name or anonymous and we will surely post it whether its advice from me or its advice from my viewers. I want to make this a nice sexy place for all who want it as well as give you opportunities to get some free adult products yourself. As soon as i can get enough viewers here I hope to be able to offer alot to ya'll including gift cards. Now if you haven't been to my main blog and your actually new here welcome as I said below what this blog will be about but if your lookin for no adult content not sure how you got here but check out my blog above for everything else. Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and hope to get ya'll started here soon. Now upfront all adult reviews I have posted will be transferred to over here so if you have seen the post again you will know why. Until I can get everything looking great here feel free to follow on social networking sites below I will set up subscribe soon and stuff too so stay tuned. These will all be entries into giveaways so why not start early and follow.

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Do You Vagazzle Or Would You?

Ok what comes to mind when you hear Vagazzle, Vagazzled,Va-geezy or even you really want to know...ha ha ha. Its a new trend with hollywood women... go to this link and it tells you what it is for those who don't know**source=rss&aim=/mwt/broadsheet/feature and on that site you can click the other links for other things you probably didn't know existed. Now after reading that site do you do it? Would you Vagazzle? Thats the question ladies..... If you want vagazzle you think you might color or have you. heres the weird links to do so much down south!


Erotic Toy Town Masturazor Review

I got the Masturazor from Erotic Toy Town to review. I got it pretty fast and I couldn't wait to check this out. Well I didn't see any instructions on tellin you how to get the razor out to even insert a battery so that was the first thing to annoy me it took me a bit cause I thought I was gonna accidentally break it. I got this cause it was unique and figured why not have a razor and vibe in one right. I can tell you why cause one falls short more so than the other and hopefully its not the one you wanted most. Well with this it did for me cause I wanted the razor more and once I finally got the battery in and ready to use I turned it on and as soon as it came in contact with hair and I'm not talkin thick hair I'm talkin just the bikini area for a slight trip it stalled on me and the razor wont work now its shot. I have found this same issue in all these little razors I hate them guess traditional razor will just have to do or I will get the nerve to one day use wax haha... NOT! Anyways the vibe part of this wasn't bad easy to hold and not real loud so that part wasn't bad at all but again I hope this is what your buyin it for cause wasn't my main thing. Although I think all of Erotic Toy Town has nice things this just isn't my favorite by far so guess I wouldn't recommend it even though I recommend their shop.

Pics are taken from my main blog that I had originally posted on that is why the pics have the name across it watermark


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Plus Size Lingerie Boutique Lingerie Review

I received the Leopard Print Bra & Garter Skirt Set from Plus Size Lingerie Boutique to review. I got this fast and couldn't wait to put this on cause what I have always hated when coming to intimate apparel for plus size women is the fact that most are ugly and not great looking. What I love about this company is they think plus size women deserve bra sets as well as lingerie that looks sexy yet not plain jane black or white or to bland. I love with this outfit that the skirt can just look cute without using the straps to connect to garters which is nice since I so hate garters so you simply unhook them and now its just a cute skirt to go with the panties and bra. Now the bra is more for looks of sexiness cause I found it don't have the support needed to wear everyday unless you just plan on gettin sexy that night with someone then you should be great. It is comfortable so is the skirt and panties. It is weird cause I have big hips always have so I was really surprised that the skirt fit me fine which was refreshing since it is harder to find things that do fit my hips. I think this whole set is pretty well made and worth the money. It gives a little spice to the bedroom, now with sexy lingerie for plus sizes no need to stay in the dark ladies make your men drool tonight and check them out.

Leopard Print Bra & Garter Skirt Set - $35.95

I received no other form of payment for this review other than the bra set shown above. Facebook is not connected to this review in no way shape or form. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

The Adult Toy Shoppe Furry Handcuffs Review

I received the Furry Cuffs from to review. I got these fast like I do all my stuff from this great company. I was so happy to get these I have been wantin to get some handcuffs for awhile now but been curious even more about the fluffy ones they are so cute but would they be worth gettin. Well first off I have bigger wrists always have I wear like a 9 inch bracelet comfortable on so I was worried they wouldn't even go around my wrist. Well when I got these I took them out of this very attractive box which is even nice to keep them in for travel. I love they have a release on them just in case in the heat of the moment you lose the keys you still have away to get them off. I put these on just to try it out and although it doesn't fit real lose on me at all that's what I like anyways cause at least they click into place even on my bigger wrists. The fluffy black fur makes it softer to your skin but I think the rougher you are while wearing these it might not keep you from feeling the cuffs still but probably prevent markings or abrasions on the skin t least. The chain in the middle seems to withstand pretty descent amount of force and not break now that doesn't mean that you should try some kinda hanging from something with them but I do think they are very well made. I would recommend these to anyone into bondage and who is maybe a beginner in handcuffs. Grab your lover and these furry bondage restraints from The Adult Toy Shoppe and have your own Valentine's Day fun.

Furry Handcuffs: Black - $15.99

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I received no other form of payment for this review other than the furry handcuffs shown above. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

MyPleasure Pjur Med Clean Review

I received the Pjur Med Clean from MyPleasure to review. I got this fast like any other product I get from this great company. I don't know how everyone is about keeping their toys super clean but I'm a freak about it I don't want germs and all that mess with all the toys I have. So I jumped on the chance to try a new cleaner for my sex toys. I love that there is no perfume or strong smell to this spray and its easy to use and wipe the toys right down. It also promises its skin safe which at least for my skin type I had no issues whatsoever. This is also alcohol free which is good plus there is one smell you don't have to deal with when cleaning with this cleaner. It worked great I have no complaints whatsoever with this cleaner. It should last quiet awhile as well since it doesn't take much of it to get the toys clean and move on. I used it on all my toys my jelly, silicone, and my plastic ones as well. Now granted not sure about the use on like cyberskin toys but I don't own any of them so couldn't say for sure. I do recommend ya'll checkin out MyPleasure if you haven't before they have alot of great products all at great prices. This cleaner is greatly priced as well for how long you can use it with the sayin a little dab will do you.

Pjur Med Clean - $17.95

Pjur Med Clean Description
Pjur Med Clean is a personal cleanser and toy sanitizer that makes clean-up a breeze. Use it before playing with toys, afterwards, or both ... Use it for solo play, or pleasure romps with a partner. It’s up to you. This anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral formula comes in a convenient white and blue spray bottle that dispenses the perfect amount every time. No water is needed to activate this alcohol- and perfume-free cleanser. Simply spray it on, and if necessary, wipe away the excess. Pjur Med Clean is gentle enough to be used daily.

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral
Alcohol-free & perfume-free
Gentle enough to use directly on the genitals
No water needed; just spray on & wipe off the excess

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MyPleasure Seal It With A Kiss Book Review

I received the Seal It With A Kiss Book from MyPleasure to review. I got this really fast in the mail which I value in this company. I couldn't wait to read this cause I found myself curious do we all really know how to kiss. I will be the first to tell you I really don't think I know much what to do especially when it gets to french kissing what in the world am I doin with my tongue hehe. Anyways so I figured since I have a new boyfriend when I meet him I want to make him come back for more so figured this book couldn't hurt. I didn't realize until reading this that there is a right and a wrong way to kiss and with just the right amount of sensuality to the kiss you will blow his socks off and you have him like putty in your hands. So this is my goal so if I have to read this over and over again up until the summer I plan to make fireworks happen on the 4th of July when I meet my wonderful boyfriend. This book is very informative whether you know how to kiss or not this book can give you some extra added tips in spicing up that sensual kiss or erotica let loose. So check out this book at MyPleasure along with other things to spice up the bedroom as well all at great prices that you just can't beat.

Seal It With A Kiss - $12.95

Seal It With A Kiss Description
In this book, bestselling author and columnist Violet Blue will teach you everything from how to "Get That Kiss Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime" to "Kiss Catastrophes and Cures" to "Make-out Techniques: Light and Flirty or Down and Dirty." With a light and flirty writing style, this field guide to kissing offers fun, accessible advice for the heterosexual woman, including confidence-boosting tips. After reading, you’ll walk away knowing how to Seal it with a kiss!

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EdenFantasys The Sexy Lingerie They Carry

I was surfin around on EdenFantasys today just seeing what I could get next. Well I have been workin on a diet lately and have already noticed I have lost some weight which I'm so happy about. Due to this I figured what could help my self esteem more than to dress a little sexy sometimes even if its just for me. I don't know about everyone else but I can wear lingerie and feel a bit sexy without anyone around. So I was lookin at this cute little dark lookin nurse outfit and I just love it mainly cause it gives a dark side to nurses. I recently got me some custom fangs so I thought those would look so hot with this outfit as well. Can you imagine it a dark nurse coming to take blood from you but not in a traditional way but a erotic way of biting you first. Anyways I love that with this company you can explore the darkest fantasies or just keep to basic lingerie either way no one needs to know unless you want them too. EdenFantasys carries so many things just like this lingerie costume I found they are all marked at great prices. They car sex toys, books, lingerie, vibrators and so much more. I recommend checkin out the plus size section lingerie too cause very few companies remember us bigger women but no worries where they forget EdenFantasys does not leave us out and they are all great priced as well.

The pics below are of how cute this outfit is whether you buy in plus sizes or regular still love how it looks.

It is $47.59 in any sizes Darque nurse

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I'm compensated for this post for a gift certificate. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all. Facebook does however have nothing to do with this post.

Erotic Toy Town Wall Bangers Review

I received the Wall Bangers Suction Cup Vibrator from Erotic Toy Town to review. I got this fast and I have tried many toys in the years that have suction cups all remotely failed. Most never stay stuck anywhere you put them they slide easy and so on making it really hard to manoover with it. I can happily say when you stick this bad boy somewhere it ain't movin matter of fact its kinda hard to remove when your ready so I just pull it to the side of whatever its stuck on to break the seal. I love even with this you use it in the shower when you open the battery compartment after and its still dry inside so the seal to the battery area is very secure which is a major plus. It is purple sorry my pics almost make it look like its pink due to my flash but its a pretty purple and it hits the right spot every time. This is one of my favorite toys these days and even has great vibration to it but the nice part is its just as good without the batteries in vibrating. I didn't find the vibrations real loud but guess it depends on how thin your walls are if you would want to chance it or not. I do recommend this toy and Erotic Toy Town has alot of other great toys and they are definitely greatly priced no fuss about that yet great quality.

Wall Bangers - Suction Cup Vibrator - $27.99

on sale for $18.99

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I received no other form of payment for this review other than the vibrator shown above. Facebook is not connected to this review in no way shape or form. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.