Sunday, January 6, 2013

Erotic Toy Town Masturazor Review

I got the Masturazor from Erotic Toy Town to review. I got it pretty fast and I couldn't wait to check this out. Well I didn't see any instructions on tellin you how to get the razor out to even insert a battery so that was the first thing to annoy me it took me a bit cause I thought I was gonna accidentally break it. I got this cause it was unique and figured why not have a razor and vibe in one right. I can tell you why cause one falls short more so than the other and hopefully its not the one you wanted most. Well with this it did for me cause I wanted the razor more and once I finally got the battery in and ready to use I turned it on and as soon as it came in contact with hair and I'm not talkin thick hair I'm talkin just the bikini area for a slight trip it stalled on me and the razor wont work now its shot. I have found this same issue in all these little razors I hate them guess traditional razor will just have to do or I will get the nerve to one day use wax haha... NOT! Anyways the vibe part of this wasn't bad easy to hold and not real loud so that part wasn't bad at all but again I hope this is what your buyin it for cause wasn't my main thing. Although I think all of Erotic Toy Town has nice things this just isn't my favorite by far so guess I wouldn't recommend it even though I recommend their shop.

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