Saturday, June 29, 2013

More To Come Soon

Still tryin to work on getting the right following hopin to reach a 100 soon enough to start working with adult companies again. If there is anything you want to see here let me know. If you become a new follower from another blog hop or so please leave a comment so i can follow you back. More to come soon.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome To After Hours!

New to my blog.... well not really cause if your coming over from Evoluchun's Miscellaneous then your not so new. I need a new direction with my blog and yet love working with adult companies as well as bringing ya'll just. Although it may take me a few months to get the stats the companies for adult products want on this blog I think this is best for alot of people. Some people have been offended as well as companies on my main blog so this is where you will find all the low down talk about adult toys and other products as well as any sexual talk matter that comes to mind. Feel free to ask questions by email whether with your name or anonymous and we will surely post it whether its advice from me or its advice from my viewers. I want to make this a nice sexy place for all who want it as well as give you opportunities to get some free adult products yourself. As soon as i can get enough viewers here I hope to be able to offer alot to ya'll including gift cards. Now if you haven't been to my main blog and your actually new here welcome as I said below what this blog will be about but if your lookin for no adult content not sure how you got here but check out my blog above for everything else. Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and hope to get ya'll started here soon. Now upfront all adult reviews I have posted will be transferred to over here so if you have seen the post again you will know why. Until I can get everything looking great here feel free to follow on social networking sites below I will set up subscribe soon and stuff too so stay tuned. These will all be entries into giveaways so why not start early and follow.

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