Sunday, January 6, 2013

MyPleasure Pjur Med Clean Review

I received the Pjur Med Clean from MyPleasure to review. I got this fast like any other product I get from this great company. I don't know how everyone is about keeping their toys super clean but I'm a freak about it I don't want germs and all that mess with all the toys I have. So I jumped on the chance to try a new cleaner for my sex toys. I love that there is no perfume or strong smell to this spray and its easy to use and wipe the toys right down. It also promises its skin safe which at least for my skin type I had no issues whatsoever. This is also alcohol free which is good plus there is one smell you don't have to deal with when cleaning with this cleaner. It worked great I have no complaints whatsoever with this cleaner. It should last quiet awhile as well since it doesn't take much of it to get the toys clean and move on. I used it on all my toys my jelly, silicone, and my plastic ones as well. Now granted not sure about the use on like cyberskin toys but I don't own any of them so couldn't say for sure. I do recommend ya'll checkin out MyPleasure if you haven't before they have alot of great products all at great prices. This cleaner is greatly priced as well for how long you can use it with the sayin a little dab will do you.

Pjur Med Clean - $17.95

Pjur Med Clean Description
Pjur Med Clean is a personal cleanser and toy sanitizer that makes clean-up a breeze. Use it before playing with toys, afterwards, or both ... Use it for solo play, or pleasure romps with a partner. It’s up to you. This anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral formula comes in a convenient white and blue spray bottle that dispenses the perfect amount every time. No water is needed to activate this alcohol- and perfume-free cleanser. Simply spray it on, and if necessary, wipe away the excess. Pjur Med Clean is gentle enough to be used daily.

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral
Alcohol-free & perfume-free
Gentle enough to use directly on the genitals
No water needed; just spray on & wipe off the excess

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I received the Pjur Med Cleaner shown above and no other payment for this. Facebook is not affiliated or has anything to do with this review. The above is my opinion of the product only and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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