Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Adult Toy Shoppe Body Dew Pheromone After Bath Oil Mist Review

I received the Body Dew Pheromone After Bath Oil Mist from The Adult Toy Shoppe to review. I got this pretty fast as always from this company I love workin with them this is one of the reasons why with such fast shipping. I have been curious for awhile about trying pheromone sprays so this sounded like a great time to try it. I tried this after having a hot shower thinking it would absorb better in my pores. After getting out and drying the excess water off my skin I sprayed a light mist all over my body. It dried faster than I expected and I even rubbed in it some to my body and it was a little oily at first but easily absorbed into my skin and left no greasy residue. It has a great fragrance to it even though it is original I think it smells kinda like baby powder to me but that could just be my nose. Anyways after putting it on I thought I would test it around my husband because of the pheromone in the spray and all. I saw no difference although I think my expectations were too high I think I was expecting a rip your clothes off kinda reaction and I got wow you smell really good and a kiss and that's about it grrr. Ok so now I'm wonderin if any of these sprays do what they say they do. Now I will still use this spray because it smells good and it leaves my skin nice and soft and smooth I love that feeling if nothin else. Anyways check out Adult Toy Shoppe for their sex toys and vibrators and other goodies as well I really don't think you will be dissatisfied.

Body Dew Pheromone After Bath Oil Mist - $12.99

Body Dew Pheromone After Bath Oil Mist 8 oz.
Enjoy glowing silky soft skin and bask in sex appeal! Infused with pheromones to naturally attract men by appealing to their deepest sexual instincts. You will become irresistible, let him pamper you and worship your body like a temple!
Revitalizing the skin and adding a velvet-soft-to-the-touch feel to the skin and a delicious refreshing scent, this amazing after bath spray locks in moisture to the skin and makes it a delight to your lover's touch. Just a few sprays of this highly concentrated elegant after bath mist will leave your skin feeling fresh and your mind feeling energized, sensual and ready for romance! Boost your confidence with knowing you have photo-shoot ready silky glowing skin!

I received no other form of payment for this review other than the Body Dew Pheromone After Bath Oil Mist shown above. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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