Saturday, January 5, 2013

OhMiBod Freestyle Vibe Review

I received the Freestyle Wireless Vibe from OhMiBod to review. This just isn't any vibrator this has to be the most awesome vibrator I have ever seen. It comes in this ice lookin box which inside that box comes a little case with the vibrator and the remote fitted in it. They also send plugs for several different countries so if your goin overseas this is the vibrator to bring with you for endless hours of fun. It is rechargeable but the remote needs batteries and wow they even sent those with as well. I have tried other mp3 vibes but all the imitation ones are trash compared to this I really thought I'd be disappointed yet again but was happily satisfied. I love the feel of the material of this vibes its soft and smooth, there is no smell to it like you get with some of the materials sex toys are made out of. It had less wires which means easier free play it only hooks from the mp3 player to the jack but the ear phones to you ear the vibe actually has nothin holdin it down. Sadly I could still say I think this baby would be better for solo action that way you don't have to worry about your lover layin on your mp3 player ha ha yes you still have to have that plugged in if you want the music vibrations. So I love how at the bottom the shaft clicks to turn off to music or its on vibrations, now don't get me wrong its vibrations are great but after you have the music I don't think you will ever go back I know I won't. Another reason I say solo is cause I don't know about you but I like to try to picture something if I'm hearing it so if I'm tryin to put myself in the music fully I can't have a man touching me ha ha. Anyways I tried this out and let me say this is almost whisper quiet I don't think I have ever seen a vibrator with so much power so quiet, so this would be perfect for anyone in an apartment or dorm. It has alot of power packed inside this nice sleek toy so be for warned. Anyways I tried using it just as a clit stimulator and if you use the vibrations you can but if you use music maybe a little harder cause it goes to the beats of the song so if the song has a beat gap then your not gonna get a full stimulation so leave that to the vibrations in the sex toy for that. If you get in a quiet place like I did and slide this in and get you a good song on this will bring you to an orgasm. I never thought I would cum to Lifehouse and Jason Mraz ha ha I tell you what never knew the song Broken by Life House had enough power to get you off and Jason Mraz song I'm Yours sends you over the top well at least it did me with the island sounds. This is my new most favorite vibrator although for my solo time. Thanks to OhMiBod for lettin me review this I'm sold theirs is the best.

Freestyle is a wireless music driven vibrator. When its 2.4GHz wireless transmitter is connected to an iPod /iPhone (or any mp3 player), the vibe will pulsate to the music giving the user a unique dual sensory experience with ultimate freedom of movement and motion.

Connect the iPod and wireless transmitter to a home speaker system with the cable provided and Freestyle becomes the perfect accessory for partner play.

Like all OhMiBod music vibes, Freestyle can work without music too. Switch to the manual mode option and explore 7 exciting pre-programmed vibration patterns.

Freestyle - $130.00

Compatible with:

* All iPod® models
* iPhone™
* mp3 players
* Home audio systems

* Size: Measures 8 1/4" long (5 3/4" insertable) and 1 1/8" in diameter
* Materials: Molded from premium grade hypoallergenic non-toxic, non porous ABS plastic with a PU coating with chrome finish detail.

* Control music volume and vibration intensity idependently
* 25 ft. (7.5 m) range from wireless 2.4GHz transmitter
* Rechargable battery for up to 5 hours of pleasure
* Splash Proof
* Body friendly materials • Phthalate free
* Powerful motor • whisper quiet
* Velvety finish with chrome accents
* Convenient travel case and adapters for play around the globe
* 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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I received the Freestyle Vibe shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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