Saturday, January 5, 2013

MyPleasure Men's Solo Pleasure Kit Review

I received the Men's Solo Pleasure Kit from My Pleasure to review. I'm always on the lookout for new men's sex toys that bring something different to the table cause we all know it seems there are less men's toys than women's. Anyways this looked like it could be fun so I surprised my husband with it cause he didn't even know about it. It was part of his Christmas in my book even came in this cute Christmas box with a bow on it I so forgot to take a picture before he ripped into it ha ha. Anyways he was like a little kid had to open each thing in the pack of course except the condoms. We got a chance to try this out and upfront if you have sensitive skin don't use silicone lube which is what came with this kit because my hands itched severely to the point I had to scrub the mess out of my hands to get it off due to its not water proof. I had never used silicone before so was a first for me and due to me having these issues Joe decided to definitely wear a condom with the lube. Anyways we used a water based lube with the sleeve and I think I figured out where the silicone probably helps more cause it was just so hard to keep a motion whatsoever on the water based and I'm not sure if it was that or jsut it was supposed to fit snug. If it was supposed to fit snug then it was perfect although my husband is a bit above average so it might work better for someone average. Anyways when he took over he was able to get the right motion I guess its me who likes to go a little faster oh well and I have bad wrists anyways. He said you could feel all the little ridges with every thrust and he said he really liked this toy it got him off relatively fast even with the condom on. He said he hates how most condoms prevent you from feeling things as good he said but the way this sleeve fits he said he could feel each ridge anyways. Now we used the cock rings more for holding the condom on when using the sleeve than anything cause he really has no issues of needing help to stay hard and as for the little vibrator we decided to put it in the end of the sleeve and it gives it a nice tingle while helping as well. I would recommend this product and many more from MyPleasure at great prices.

Men's Solo Pleasure Kit - $39.95

Info From Site:

Power: 1 alkaline battery (included)

Men's Solo Pleasure Kit Description

This is the perfect collection for satisfying play on your own, but is easily incorporated into partner fun as well. It comes with…

* The Tube masturbation sleeve, made of sumptuous UR3® material, gives a more realistic feel and has ribbing end to end on the inside of the tunnel for outrageous stimulation
* Three stretchy-but-sturdy rubber erection rings come in different sizes and can be used as a combination erection ring and testicle strap to keep you Up All Night!
* Our own waterproof lube, Sensual Essence Silicone (ideal for use with the sleeve or a partner)!
* 10 Durex Enhanced Pleasure Condoms for safe, satisfying play with a partner
* A small and cleverly designed keychain-vibrator takes care of your keys and your orgasm all at once.
* Tastefully gift-boxed for easy gift-giving!
* Retail Value over $60.00, Save 35%!

I received the Men's Solo Pleasure Kit shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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