Friday, January 4, 2013

ICE Bullet Vibrating Ice Cube Review

I received this great little invention called the ICE Bullet Vibrating Ice Cube from Good Vibrations. I couldn't so wait to try this me and a friend were just lookin around the site one day and ran acrossed this and it just seemed so different and so awesome, so I was tickled when I got a chance to review it. When I received it I checked it out and it seemed difficult I couldn't figure it out but that's just me too many moving parts i guess ha ha ha. Anyways Joe read the instructions and understood it right away. It says fill with water then place fridge for 4 hrs so its good and solid which is very true but at 2 hrs it was as well so up to you but this isn't a item to use as a spur of the moment item in the bedroom. Anyways we decided to try this out in many different ways as just a teaser as you would use ice its great still can get quiet messy, better to keep a towel around. As far as the vibration its kinda weak and it definatly don't stimulate the clit much so I would say this is only good for for play only. I'm glad I got this just the same because it still gives the bedroom excitement I just wish it would've had more power but I think the ice really is what interferes with the power.

ICE Bullet Vibrating Ice Cube--$40.00

Thanks to Good Vibrations for this wonderful product.

I received no other form of payment for this review other than the ice bullet shown above. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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