Friday, January 4, 2013

The Tools Of The Trade Kit Review

Thanks to Good Vibrations, I got this in the mail and was so excited at first to get to try these out. Well when I get new sex toys I like to go ahead and put batteries in them and see how powerful they are before I ever try them in the bedroom.. too bad you can't do that before you cause I tell you some of the ones I have bought I never would have if I had've been able to just check it in my hand. Anyways got this kit called the Tools of the trade kit and its a great value for the money by far, you get 2 vibrators, lubrication, wipes for the toys, and even batteries for the vibrators all in one little kit.

Well when I got to the Pearl Drop Vibe to open it first and see how its vibration was I couldn't get it open it simply said pop and go. Wrong this was so hard my whole family me, my husband, and mom tried to pop the thing to put a battery in it. It took us about a hour for my husband to realize it has to be popped open like your gonna break it in half. Well I guess in away its good it don't come off easy because it wouldn't probably be as safe to use. Well after we figured how it popped open it was simple to get open every time after that. It is very light weight but the intensity power isn't really there. Probably better for beginners. As for the Red Hot Bullet Vibrator has 4 intensity levels and just wow it really exceeded my expectations for just bein a bullet with the intensity. The lubrication's does have a little more oily feel to it than regular lubrication but washes off better from what I have seen. This is all my opinion without using any of the products yet.

This opinion in my review is after using this kit. Well not much has really changed in my opinion but a few things that I will say. The red hot bullet is very powerful with a level of up to 4, it is great in whatever it does. We decided to use it for anal play which it did great for, it stimulates the prostate on men from the vibrations to make them cum. The Pearl Drop I really think is a vibrator maybe for beginners because it just don’t have much power whatsoever, doesn’t really stimulate the clit right and it even fails in the anal play area. The lubrication is funky when you start using it everything is ok and it seems to work great, then it starts to dry some and becomes very sticky which can be quiet nasty. The wipes to clean up the toys work great and have a nice light sent to them, and the batteries were very powerful to run these vibrators. Now granted both are very quiet and very discreet because of size it even makes them easy to use compacted in a purse or over night bag. All in all there still pretty good products but I think the best deal is the red hot vibrator is the best out of this package.

Tools Of The Trade Kit--$34.00

Red Hot Bullet (Separately)--$18.00

Pearl Drop Vibe (Separately)--$8.00

Thanks to Good Vibrations for this wonderful product.

I received no other form of payment for this review other than the product shown above. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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