Sunday, January 6, 2013

Erotic Toy Town Maximus Water Based Lubricant Review

I received the Maximus Water Based Lubricant from Erotic Toy Town to review. I got this pretty darn fast and I'm always after trying new lubes out. I have to say I think I found my perfect lube by far this is the best I have ever used. First off I love the fact its not too liquidy its pretty thick so not easy to spill which is good, now that don't mean turn it upside down out of the bottle of course cause I'm sure it would then but just a accidental turn over it won't leak from the spout now from the bottle itself maybe but not a whole lot. It has a very silky feel to it when using it and never loses that texture. It never gets sticky and last a long time. A dab will do you for sure with this brand it works great. When you go to wash it off its so easy no need for soap either just run your hands under cold or hot water or warm of course and rub it right off under the water. No sticky residue on your hands after washing either. It actually can leave your hands feeling pretty soft from what I can tell. If your looking for a good water lubricant I can't recommend this brand enough but try it for yourself to see the difference in all the other brands against it. Also check out Erotic Toy Town for other great products to try for your bedroom.

Maximus Water Based Lubricant - $20.99 (sale price - $17.99)

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