Saturday, January 5, 2013

EdenFantasys Party Ice Cooler Review

I received the cute little Pecker party ice coolers from EdenFantasys to review. I chose these because although you can use them as a gag gift I thought they would be a great conversation piece in general as well. I got these and I was curious first and foremost if they would even chill a drink so I put them in my freezer for a little while. It didn't take long to freeze at all and then I put them in my hot drink and I can tell you if your drink is like super hot then it won't get it ice cold but if your drink is room temperature or from the fridge it does very well with that. When a couple friends came over they asked for some ice I put these in the glass it was so funny to watch their faces change when they realized there were little penis's swimming in their tea ha ha so funny. I love these they even got my moms attention when she first opened the freezer and there they were sitting in there plain as day way too funny. That is what makes them a even better gag gift but I won't lie I will use these if I have no ice to put in my soda. They are easy to clean up as well so check these out and some other gifts that EdenFantasys carries. They have all these and others at very great prices so what are you waiting for?

Pecker party ice coolers - $4.99

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I'm compensated for this post for a gift certificate which is what bought this one from the last posts. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all. Facebook does however have nothing to do with this post.

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