Saturday, January 5, 2013

EdenFantasys Wet Keep It Clean Review

I received a gift certificate for my last post which I got the Wet keep it clean toy wash from EdenFantasys to review. I have several toys in my home and always want to prevent the germs that can be carried on any of the surfaces. I have used many different kinds of soaps and sprays and even wipes for my toys and the biggest issue I always have is it either leaves them sticky for awhile or they just don't dry very fast. So I figured why not try a foaming wash and see how that pans out in the end. Well after switching out my other cleaners for this to clean up all my toys I can honestly say I love this stuff. I will never go back to the sprays and stuff although my husband loves them better cause they are easier to take and go and he is right on that end. But for home use this is the better way of going. I wash my toys up right after use with this and it foams up very well and cleans very nicely. It also drys real fast as well so no sticky feeling no bad odor and no sitting out waiting for ever for them to dry. I clean them and go, I mean who wants to spend a whole lot of time waiting for them to dry. So check out EdenFantasys for this great toy wash and many more other great items to spice up your life.

Wet keep it clean toy wash – toy cleanser - $8.49

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