Saturday, January 5, 2013

Babeland's Pink Medium Rubber Whip Review

I received the Pink Medium Rubber Whip from Babeland to review. I have never ever bought a whip before and really didn't know what to expect. I really though all whips were made of leather so when I came across this one which was of rubber I figured its better for the beginners. It arrived and it actually looked so cute, almost like it was never meant for any S & M Well I'm not into a whole of kinky stuff like S & M but a little B & D never killed anyone. So I figured with this little whip some mild spankings and there are other uses for it like the feel of this rubber sliding softly over your skin feels amazing. Granted we tried the discipline thing and although it's not real painful which is great cause I didn't want to hurt too much from it I think this was used more by us after the one time was for a stimulation. If you have never used a rubber whip you have no idea what your missing this came so into play when your tempting your partner just take this whip like we did and rub up and down the body stimulating some places more than others, it gets you super excited and ready to jump your partner. Some ideas of places that stimulate the best at least for us was the neck especially the back of the neck, the lower back that was my favorite, across the butt, and for us women the breast feel real nice as well. Also try this for the ladies after you come have your partner rub ti up and down your body because your already climaxed and have been over the edge so your more sensitive to the touch and I know I cum again just due to that. This is the ultimate sex toy for any play even though your not using it like a vibrator it serves its purpose well. Babeland really out did there self with this cute little whip because as cute as it is you never know what it could make you do til you try it.

Info From Site:Brush the soft strands of the Pink Medium Rubber Whip across your lover’s body, and you’ll hear soft sighs; snap it against an unsuspecting behind, and you’ll hear delighted gasps. This pretty pink whip looks sweet and unintimidating, but be warned: the high-quality latex rubber strands can deliver quite a sting! With a little restraint, you’ll be able to build up the sensation from light strokes to a surprisingly intense climax. Makes a great gift for couples or singles looking to experiment with kink.

* Size: 14"
* Material: Rubber

Pink Medium Rubber Whip - $24.00

I received no other form of payment for this review other than the pink medium rubber whip. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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