Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stimula Review

I received 12 sample packs of lubricant in a cute little tin from Stimula to review. I was happy to receive this and get to try it cause I've noticed the older I get the less my body lubricates itself, I guess the joy of getting Anyways I tried this lubricate and absolutely love it its not greasy or sticky like other lubricates and its made for women, granted they do have mens as well but this particular one is women's. So here we have a company that specifically makes women's and men's lubricates just so our needs are met I love this because women and men's bodies are so different but so many lubricants out there are suppose to fit everyone men and women and were not a one size fit all world so this is real nice. This is long lasting and you don't need much to get lubricated or to have a nice sensation. It makes stimulation whether by yourself or your partner so much more enjoyable. I also love that its a clear lubricate so no dyes to bleach your sheets or clothing and completely odorless so no worries of nasty smells and what not as well. Over all it has to be one of the best lubricates I have used and it last a long time before needing to apply more. It is very easy to wash off your hands, and it heightens senses alot. We love it in our household all thanks to Stimula. They have mens as well and I may just have to try that next.

Buy Your Own 12pk Tin of Stimula For Women-$19.00

I received a 1 tin with 12pks of stimula shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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