Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scandle Candle Review

I got the travel size candle from Scandle Candle in a fruity scent of hummingbird, I was so happy when I got this cause I love candles. I was sold as soon as I opened it and fell in love with the scent, its not too heavy but a nice sweet smelling fruity smell. I burned it for awhile the first day the scent filled the air within a matter of minutes. Sad thing is it wasn't sinking in then I was askin my hubby wonder why they call it scandle candle so I went back to the site and really read into it and wow I felt like a idiot. Anyways it had said to pour onto skin for smooth skin, well I have had hot wax poured on me and it don't feel good so figured there was no way hot lotion or moisturizer was gonna feel any different. Well my hubby was the first to try it and when he said it didn't burn I gave it a try. Wow who knew that a candle was so versatile and is now my new lotion as well, it made my hands so soft and smooth and smell so great. Now every day I get up I light it do whatever I need to do then come back pour some on my hands to give them that wonderful scent I get to smell most the day.

Link to the products shopping page to get any of these great candles below and a few other stuff as well Here

Scandle Originals Travel Candle--Price: $12.95

Scandle Originals in Refillable Ceramic Canister--Price: $20.95

Scandle Originals Refill Candle--Price: $10.99

Scandle Hands or Feet Treatment Packs--Price: $25.00

Scandle Sea Salt Soak & Scrub--Price: $17.95

Scandle Lamp--Price: $49.95

Scandle Sea Salt Soak & Scrub Refill--Price: $17.95

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I received 1 Scandle Candle hummingbird scent travel size and no other form of payment for this review. This is 100% my opinion and no others.

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