Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pure Romance Review

I received a spa set from Pure Romance to review. Ok so not sure how many know about this great comp any but I have known about them for awhile granted I never got around to buyin from them but I know several that have and I even considered bein a consultant as well just never had the money to get started. I trust their name and their products and I'm so thankful to get to try their products first hand cause now I can fully say this is a great company that sells great products. Although I have never cared for the color pink before but they make pink sexy which is all cool with me. I got several bath items which I was surprised cause I only thought they sold adult items so this opened my eyes even more to this great company and taught me something I didn't know. I love the body wash I got the Escape lathers so well and leaves my skin so silky and soft and then gettin out of the shower and using the lotion which is the Entice to soften my skin and finish off with the body spray which is the Kiss left my skin soft and smelling so great all day. I love how the smell is such a tropical smell that stays in my skin for hours. My mom loves the lip balm smells so good and keeps your lips moisturized and the massage lotion she likes as well makes her skin soft. The massager that's a heart comes in handy when you have muscle aches that's for sure and its reusable. So if you haven't checked out this company you don't know what your missing because they have such great products and even if you decide to be a consultant they are great to work with as well. So check out Pure Romance for that extra spice in your life that's so sensual.

these are just some of what I got couldn't find the others on the site....

Heart Massager - $15.00

Entice - $16.50

Bosom Buddy - $14.00

Excape - $15.00

Kiss - $19.00

I received the items shown above and no other form of payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by all.

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