Friday, January 4, 2013

Night Special Masturbator Review

Thanks to The Adult Toy Shoppe for giving me the opportunity to try a mens sex toy out to try with my husband. There aren't many mens sex toys out and the ones that are just don't come in many different sizes unlike womens toys are all ranges. I'm a firm believer that men deserve pleasure as much as us women, and believe that even if a man has a partner that sex toys give a little extra excitement in the bedroom. We chose the Night Special Masturbator and the specs didn't sound too bad I mean most I have seen now days are only about 4 to 6 inches in length which I kinda find stupid when some men are bigger than that as well. This particular sleeve the Night Special Masturbator says plainly it Measures 4.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide, well I'm not gonna say my husband is a 10 or something or really big but this toy took us like 15 mins to get it on and that was a pain even with it lubed his head was bigger than the opening, which you will see in the pic its a small little hole. Granted it is suppose to stretch and all but its more towards the middle, he ended up ripping the opening of the sleeve (thankfully that won't me OUCH..ha ha)but once it was on except for it sliding out the other end when you get in motion it was really nice. He said it definatly don't feel like the real thing but still feels good, bein he had never used one of these before. My point of view of the item is there not only great inventions for men to do on there own but there awesome for the woman to give hand jobs due to its like a cushion for our hands and we don't have to get our hands all messy cause all the lube is down inside and you only have to use a little for the whole event because no air gets to it so it last longer. Also cleanup was so easy but just a bit of info we were both new to one of these toys and when he ejaculated "cum" it shot right through the ending hole and all over us, so cover the hole....!!!! Our over all experiences was about a 4 out 5 so we were more the less pleased. Oh and I almost forgot in the beginning when we got it, felt like one of those toys that have water in them or but definatly made very well I'd say better if your average size though from head to base.

I received no other form of payment for this review other than the night special masturbator sleeve shown above. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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